Orthodontic Initial Consultations

Specialist Orthodontist in Edgbaston, Birmingham

Orthodontics is the specialist branch of dentistry that deals with the alignment of teeth, and the bite (how the teeth meet together). Many people think that orthodontic treatment is just for children and teenagers, but with huge advances in treatments and techniques, more and more adults are now seeking to straighten their teeth with discreet orthodontic devices.


At Highfield Dental Clinic, our orthodontic treatment is carried out by Dr Naz Shoja-Assadi, a specialist in orthodontics for both adults and children. We believe that treatment to straighten your teeth and move them into a more desirable position is an investment in your future health and well-being, as straighter teeth are healthier teeth, as well as more aesthetically pleasing. But we also know that opting to have orthodontic treatment is a big decision that may bring up lots of questions, which is why we offer a initial consultation for any patient interested in orthodontics.


If you’re interested in any type of orthodontic treatment, please contact us to book your orthodontic consultation. You’ll meet directly with Dr Shoja-Assadi for a 20-minute consultation, during which she will discuss the various treatment options available and will make recommendations for the best treatment in your case. This consultation is a relaxed and friendly informal chat, giving you the chance to ask any questions you may have and to raise any concerns.


Should you decide to go ahead with treatment, you will be invited back for a second, more detailed consultation. This second appointment lasts 45 minutes, during which time Dr Shoja-Assadi will take impressions of your teeth and bite. We will also provide you with a treatment plan, detailing the projected costs and duration of treatment. The cost of this second consultation is just £125.


To book your initial orthodontics consultation, contact a member of our friendly reception team today.