New Smile In 2022

Teeth Whitening Including Initial Exam

Teeth whitening is possibly the most popular cosmetic treatment which allows you to obtain a brighter and healthier smile in a relatively easy way.

Over time, our teeth naturally become slightly darker through aging processes. Additionally, extrinsic factors such as tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking contribute to teeth discolouration.

Teeth whitening will bring you a bright and healthy-looking smile without unnecessary treatment. It will help to make you feel younger and boost your confidence.


The total investment for this offer for a new patient is £150 which covers the full dental examination, small X-rays and a 40 minute hygienist treatment.

A full comprehensive dental examination is where we take a look at the whole mouth and try to understand the history of your teeth and advise you on the concerns that you have and discuss most suitable treatment specific to you.  As part the examination if necessary for diagnosis we may need to take digital x-rays which are included in the offer. 


What is involved?

  • An external examination of your head neck muscles and glands
  • A check of your soft tissues including your, lips, cheeks and tongue
  • A computerized record of all your teeth, the presenting history of the work you have had carried out and understanding any concerns you have or that we can see
  • A check of your gum health – if you have gum disease we will discuss this with you
  • X-rays will be taken if they are necessary for diagnosis to get a picture of what is going on underneath the teeth
  • We take photographs so that we can show you what is going on inside your mouth
  • We look at how your teeth bite together and we check your jaw joint.

Once your examination is complete we take time to discuss what we have examined and put a treatment plan together for you.  If there are any dental concerns we have found or cosmetic changes you would like to make you will be able to ask questions to that you can move forward with confidence.

Our hygienist treatment is booked with our dental therapist Mr. Stuart Gray. The appointment is a 40 minute bio film removal appointment where we use airflow technology to take the plaque and stain off your teeth.